George Pérez Tribute

Last year, George Pérez announced the news of his cancer diagnosis and his decision to forgo medical treatment. The comic book world has reached out to him with messages of encouragement and support. Here are our tributes.

Story by Christian De Matteo | Art and Letters by xixGoBL1Nxix
Story, Art, and Letters by Jack Van Thomme

Christian De Matteo is a writer and college professor, founder of and co-founder of with artist-extraordinaire James Lines. He loves all forms of art and entertainment, enjoys long walks on the beach and other less sandy locations, and is fatally allergic to fluffy cats (in case you wanted to get rid of him). He can be found pontificating/dad-joking on Twitter: @CDMetc and @FugitivePoems. He cannot draw. Like at all.

xixGoBL1Nxix enjoys creating stuff. Animation, sequential art, and illustrations are his areas of interest and competence. He is an aspiring artist slowly emerging from his shell. He’s a huge fan of all things sci-fi and fantasy and loves video games, films, and anime. See his work at

Jack Van Thomme illustrates comics and pitches in when he can. You can see the things he likes to draw and read the things he likes to talk about on Twitter and Instagram @Real_JackVT



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