A new take on our writing prompt.

Each week our community votes on a theme and the creators make a comics from that theme. This time, however, we asked writers to richly describe a setting where a story could take place. To fill out this extra rich setting description, the artists got to expand beyond their typical one page limit.

Immerse yourself in these Settings-based comics.

Double Feature week!

This is our last double feature week. Our creative team has pitched in and worked through our backlog of comics that got delayed by Covid. Now we are all caught up!

Enjoy a delightful pairing of Shakespeare and Outer Space and then recoil at the Cosmic Horror that follows. Yikes!

Story by Dave Hingley | Art by Irenwill Shi | Letters by John Jack

Double Feature week!

Everyone’s got a podcast these days. Why not villains? Tune in to hear how they handle the tedium of dealing with super heroes.

Sometimes a theme hits all the right notes in the Comic Jam. Enjoy a whopping NINE different stories about Occult Detectives.

Story by Dustin Luke Nelson | Art by Maximilian Morressi | Letters by Kevin D. Lintz

Double Feature week!

A double blast of comic tales
Arrive for you today
Both themes are poetry it seems
Though ’twas not planned this way

Enjoy these stories from our minds
Both art and epigram
And from our heart we do impart
Gifts from The Comic Jam

Story by Summer Steinhart | Art and Letters by Adam Beachey

Double Feature week!

Have a look at the Comic Jammers take on some of their favorite Star Trek crews. And as you head out for summer vacations…don’t go too Deep in the Woods!

Story by Casey Allen | Art and Letters by Dave Hingley

Double Feature week!

Each week our team votes on the latest theme for the week. The theme with the most votes wins. But sometimes there is a tie…which is how we all faced the challenge of making comics with the theme Space Pirates and Goddesses. Thankfully, the Comic Jammers are up to the task and the creativity exploded!

Who’s your favorite cryptid? Why are they anonymous? Do you really know them as well as you think you do?

Story by Summer Steinhart | Art by Irenwill Shi | Letters by Kevin D. Lintz

Double Feature week!

As a follow up to “Sci-Fi, But Medieval” we can another genre mashup, “Fairy Tales as Westerns”. How often do you get to hear the phrase “Once Upon a Time Round There Here Parts”?

Why have regular combat, why have mortal combat, why even have Mortal Kombat when you can have…Immortal Kombat!!

Story by Casey Allen | Art by Jack Van Thomme | Letters by Kevin D. Lintz

Double Feature week!

Sometimes the universe smiles on us humble creators and things line up in a particularly satisfying way. Through no planning on our part, this week’s Double Feature has two Sci-Fi themes. With spooky action like that you figure that someone got a hold of a time machine. Enjoy!

Story by Matt Kayal | Art by Gabbie Scanlon | Letters by John Jack

Double Feature week!

Two themes this week about things that aren’t….normal. As much as we think we know about them, mermaids are pretty out there. But even more so are weird characters just trying to do normal things. Enjoy!

Story by Casey Allen | Art and Letters by Aaron Miller

Double Feature week!

Explore the lore then ask for more. Read two stories about characters that are shrouded in ancient lore. Then see how many different ways you can interpret the phrase “a copy of a copy”.

Story by Philip Butehorn | Art by Sam Benjamin | Letters by Kevin D. Lintz

The Comic Jam

A group of independent artists and writers collaborating to create short comics based on weekly themes.

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